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"You're either in or your auf"
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Challenge Two - Couture Du Jour [January 24, 2007 @ 7:14pm]

Welcome back to ProjectNarnia! Congratulations to all six of you who have made it to round 2! Your icons were lovely and lots of you have budding talent that is sure to impress in this next challenge of the week...(s)! :P If you havent looked at last weeks winners, go here.

CHALLENGE TWO - COUTURE DU JOUR Couture, by defintion is high fashion designing. Couture features much of the 'little details' that can make designing so fun...and painstakingly time consuming. An icon that could be called couture would have much detail that is lush and very 'high fashion.' Below are two icons with detail, made by myself. One is more couture than the other. Once you see the differences, you'll understand.

This first one is more couture. It has very little 'picture' and much detailing into it (like the stripes going down the side, and the sparkles.) The fancy text is also very minimal; it just adds to the icon and could be the centerpoint, but is not ugly Arial. It could be called a 'Royal' font, one you'd see on a King or Queen's proclomation. The picture of Edmund is coloured and toned down to almost blend with the detailing and not stand out like an orange hunting vest.

This one is not as couture as the first. It does have little details to it like the tiny text, and purple colour dot, but other than that there is not much detail. These icons should be full of details; little things to show your hardwork and dedication to designing and graphic making. The text, violation, is not a couture font. It is very popular these days but popular isnt what you want...you don't want to make a 'popular' shirt you'd find in the bargain basement everyone's wearing.

If you have any questions regarding what is couture and what isnt...ask!

Le Fabric Store

Your icon must contain this picture in it somewhere. Make sure loads of details are visible though. :]

And instead of a model to use, this week you each have a theme....They're all Narnia Awards Categories. And you bet if your icon does will you'll be getting a nom from me. :]

valliegurl The Stone Table / Cropping - RECEIVED ! THANKS FOR A SPEEDY ENTRY
silverseaicons Broken Spell / Best Colouring - RECEIVED ! THANKS FOR A SPEEDY ENTRY
tumnus_fan Simple Royalty / Best ACTOR! icon
mychemical_lust Simple Royalty/ Best ACTRESS! icon
tatooedsiren Simple Royalty/ Best Actor or Actress icon...Ok so I milked Simple Royalty :P
padfoot_freak Turkish Delight/ The Funny Icons...this is a toughie with that pic. Good luck!

You can use text, brushes, etc...whatever you feel makes your icon couture! All entries are due FEB. 10, 2007 Good luck!
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[January 24, 2007 @ 6:54pm]

There many nice entries this weeek. All icons were really lovely! Some, however, grasped the concept of contrasting colours more than others. Each icon was reviewed on its own, for style, creativity, uniqueness, quality, and your understanding of the challenge. You can read comments on the icons here. :)

Style - 7/10, It's very stylish compared to some of the plain icons you see around today. It's definitely one you could see winning a Narnia Award.
Creativity 9/10 - Your use of orange and blue was great. It matched the icon scene without getting into funky colorus like purple or pink, and the text was a great addition.
Uniqueness 8/10 - You don't see loads of icons like this...I see a new trend. ;)
Quality 10/10 - The quality is great...Not much more to say. Its not a crappy jpeg etc etc
Concept 9/10 - You really grasped the concept. Your colours aren't hideous and they contrast nicely without making eyes bleed.
Total: 43/50


Style - 6/10, It's not a typical icon that you'd see everywhere or plastered with millions of comments, but it still has a nice it factor (the flowers probably) that makes the ones who see it love it.
Creativity - 7/10 The brushes and inverted text is nice and creative. Nice job.
Uniqueness - 7/10 It's unique, and definitely stands out :)
Quality 10/10 - I think everyones gonna get a 10 on this ha. :]
Concept 5/10 - The pink and green contrast, but they don't really look pretty together. Also, your main focal point, Maugrim, should have been contrasting but instead it was black and white.
Total: 35/50


Style - 8/10, Nice and simple, the text makes it chic. You'd have gotten more points here if there was something different, like a white border etc around Aslan or something else to spruce it up a tad without going effects crazy.
Creativity - 6/10, It's nice and simple like I said before...not the most creative, but it's not the most uncreative icon ever.
Uniqueness - 6/10, There are loads of icons that are similar to this, but it is trendy and stylish so you can't really go wrong. A bit safe though, a bit of a risk would've been great :D
Quality - 10/10, :)
Concept - 3/10 - The contrasting colours weren't identifiable (by me anyway) I'm guessing Burgundy and Gold? Black and Yellow? A bit more of a contrast between the two icons would have improved it. Perhaps saturating the yellow to be a bit more bright and the black/burgundy to be a bit more dark or a completely solid colour/cut out of Aslan.
Total: 33/50


Style - 8/10, Very nice. :D It's stylish use of text and nice little stripe on solid action was very great.

Creativity - 8/10, You got creative! The cutout was really nice and nicely done.

Uniqueness - 8/10, Unique = this icon.

Quality - 10/10
Concept 8/10 - You got the right idea. The colours were contrasting and the white didn't detract from it. However, without the shadow on the cutout it would look less popup and more cutout and contrasting. But still, at first glance, it's very contrasting and pretty...the whole purpose of the challenge. To make two different colours look pretty together.
Total: 42/50

Style - 8/10, It's really trendy and stylish. Another one you could definitely see winning awards.
Creativity - 7/10 It's got a lot of little details put into it that make it creative and nice.
Uniqueness - 6/10 At first glance it would just be another icon with a bit of colouring, but the little details you put into it make it unique.
Quality - 10/10
Concept - 2/10 - You even sort of admitted you had no clue what you should be doing. And for a contrasting icon, it sort of shows.
Total: 33/50

maskedsoldier / mychemical_lust
Style - 7/10 It's trendy and very up on today's popular icons.
Creativity - 7/10 It's not full out creative but has a conservative flair.
Uniqueness - 6/10 It's unique for the fact it has Father Christmas :P The yellow stripe is nice and makes it its own.
Quality - 10/10
Concept - 5/10 You got the concept but didn't really get creative with it.
Total: 35/50

Style - 7/10 Very nice. :] Love it.
Creativity - 10/10 Your effects, despite not noticeable at first glance are really exquisitely done and make it all the better!
Uniqueness - 10/10 Icons like this aren't a dime a dozen.
Quality - 10/10
Concept - 6/10 It would've been better if the contrasting was a bit more noticeable, but you still got the concept and your two contrasting colours are visible.
Total: 43/50

A few ties, but winners and losers are coming now...:P

First, for the prizes. The winner of this challenge will win a banner (at the end of the contest/when they are aufed...so if you win 3 challenges, when you leave/win you will get 3 banners.) and will also get to help me judge the other icons in the challenge next week. Also, if the winner has a Cool-Coo.Com account they will receive 1,000 Cool Points. The winner of the whole contest will also receive praise and mention on Cool-Coo.Com and 10,000 Cool Points (If they have an account on the Cool-Coo.Com Narnia Forums.) They will also receive Cool-Coo.Com's December Donation Item which you can read about here. So...now between the two ties...

valliegurl and silverseaicons both had the best icons this week. However, since silverseaicons grasped the concept best, congratulations...you're this weeks winner! You will receive a banner, get to judge next week with me, and also get 1,000 Cool Points. If you have an account/register be sure to let me know your username so you can get those credits. :]

Everyone else did really well, so kudos to the following people who will NOT be eliminated this week:


You all did outstanding!

And so did tattooedsiren and thatonebrunette. However, they didn't grasp the concept as well as everyone else, their work was still really nice. Someone still must be aufed, though, and it will be sad to see one of you go. So will it be thatonebrunette that has lovely, very stylish icons but gets the concept minimally, or tattoedsiren who gets the concept more, but isn't as creative or as bold in showing contrast?



dramatic pause :P



tattooedsiren, because in your post you wanted to be sure your icon was alright and wanted me to let you know if ____ wasn't allowed etc, it shows that you really are trying to get the concept and it's obvious that your creativity and style can only improve. Congratulations.

And thanks thatonebrunette, your icon was lovely and I'm sure you'll do great. :] If you want to come back next contest feel free to...it was a really hard decision! Auf Wiedersehen. ♥

Your next challenge will be posted on January 26, 2007. Thanks! And apologies for the typos, it was late and I had a cold when reviewing some of them. :]
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Challenge One Is Over [January 24, 2007 @ 6:26pm]

Results for each icon will be displayed soon. Thanks tons to everyone who has entered.

However, we will be saying bye to 4 contestants this week, one who will lose the challenge and 3 who did not even enter...

The following did not enter by the WAY extended deadline. Sorry, you are now auf.

2.) faerie_dance
3.) forceiswithyou

The 4th person to be eliminated will be announced soon! Thanks for your patience

Challenge One - PLEASE ENTER NOW... [January 15, 2007 @ 5:08pm]

This challenge has been extended over and over and will now be extended to January 22. Any contestants without entries at that time will be immediately auf'ed.

It's time for Challenge One in Project Narnia! Thanks to everyone who entered, now it's finally time to start kicking back and making graphics. Since it is the holiday time, the challenge will last a little bit longer, but with Christmas Holidays hopefully you guys can still get it done.

CHALLENGE ONE, Opposites Attract - Everyone knows that different colours look good together. Colours like Purple and Pink are on opposite ends of the spectrum, and if the right shades are chosen they can blend nicely. The basic black and white, green and orange, etc. are examples of contrasting colours.

So for your first challenge you need to make an icon with contrasting colours. Be sure to get creative with it; you can only use the two colours you choose (so dont have green & orange AND pink & purple.) Your icons will be judged on style, creativity, uniqueness, and quality. Take a look at what the top designers are making these days and model yourself after them (but don't dare copy!) If your icon is trendy and stylish it is more likely to win than not.

Remember that you are going for a good icon overall as well as following the rules. Things like quality settings, etc. should be at their peak as long as they are under the 40kb for icons. A terribly compressed JPG will probably lose even if it is perfect uncompressed.

There is also a difference between Contrasting Colours and Clashing Colours. You can read an article about this and tips on it here.

As for your 'fabric store' (images/textures you can use) for this week, you can use whatever textures or brushes you want, as long as there are only two main colours on the icon (Black to show lines or what for eyes etc is okay, it's mainly just on how creative you get with the contrasts. The pictures for you to use must come from Movie Stills Batch Two, Link and any of the scenes that these screencaptures cover. If you have higher quality images that are from these scenes you can not use them; sorry! It must be an image from 1 of the 45 pages at that link.

That's not all either. You all have a 'model' to use with your icons. Find your username in the list below and read for which you must use. :]

valliegurl Mr or Mrs Beaver - RECEIVED, THANKS!
silverseaicons Mr Tumnus - RECEIVED
deepwonderment Jadis, The White Witch
tumnus_fan Maugrim / A Wolf - RECEIEVED
maskedsoldier Santa. ;) - RECEIVED
faerie_dance Ginnarbrick
tattooedsiren Aslan - RECEIEVED
forceiswithyou The Fox
thatonebrunette Aslan's Army RECEIVED
padfoot_freak A Stone Statue (Can Be The Fox) RECEIVED

These icons are dark, etc. and so you can improve the quality of them with screen, softlight, etc. however you want as long as the end detail matches the rules and it is turned in by the due date, January 14th. The icon can have brushes, textures, text, etc. as long as it stays in the Contrasting Colours style.

Good luck!!
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FINAL PERSON [December 12, 2006 @ 8:08pm]

We need ONE More person to enter... :D

Pimp like mad so we can get this goin! :*
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PROJECT NARNIA (BUMPED 12/10/06) [December 12, 2006 @ 12:15pm]

To join CONTEST ONE of Project Narnia, read the information below! Good luck!

To join Project Narnia's first contest, make sure you can meet the deadlines. Promptness is key and any graphics turned in past the deadline will not be allowed and will probably earn you an auf. Be sure to not second guess your work. It'll show in your work if you've got the confidence to win or if you don't think you're as good as the others. Don't get too competative--come on, it's not even a 'real' contest. If you want to join, first join the community and then comment this post with the following information (What you put down will not affect getting it, it just helps us to understand how you make your graphics and the sort.) On the fifth question, to make sure you've read the rules, post 'Auf.'

1.) - Your Name
2.) - Your Age
3.) - 3 Examples of your graphics
4.) - What Program you make your graphics in.
5.) - In or Auf?

GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to see some fresh talent!

After we get 10 contestants more information will be posted. Please pimp us so we can get more members and more contestants so this can get goin' fast!

WE NEED ONE MORE PERSON! If you're thinking about signing up but havent yet, PLEASE DO IT NOW!! :)
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[November 07, 2006 @ 4:47pm]

Project Narnia is a Narnia based Icon and Graphics community. Every 12 weeks a new contest will begin, and 13 people will be allowed to join. Each week a new contest, Narnia Graphic based, will be put up for contestants to complete. At the end of week, one person will be named winner and get a prize and one will be 'Aufed' and out of the running. At the end of the competition, the grand winner will get their names on a winners post an award, and more.

This community is based off the Television reality series 'Project Runway.' In the Runway show, contestants design dresses like our members will design graphics. Just like Project Runway, some of the twists and hidden surprises could come up during this contest. Nothing is off limits!

Each Friday between 6 PM and 8:30 PM EST the new challenge will be posted. Contestants can then submit their _ONE_ final entry in a comment with the following information: 1) The image 2) the image URL. All entrees must meet all the rules (for instance if your icon has to be black and white, then any other colours would get yours thrown auf.)

Make It Work

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